SHARP Manikins  

Medical Manikins  

SHARP Dummies has produced several medical manikins, a lactating manikin for testing fit of breast pumps and nursing bras, a manikin for lumbar punctures and a spinal tap manikin.

Apparel Manikins  

SHARP Manikins Pty Ltd is a Company dedicated to manufacturing biofidelic (life-like) manikins using the latest technology - body-scan data of real people. SHARP Manikins have been developed in conjunction with Dr Kathleen Robinette, US Air Force CARD Lab, and General Dynamics AIS. These manikins are available for purchase. Please contact our director of sales and marketing, Daisy Veitch, for price list, manikin specifications and freight enquiries; discounts are available for bulk purchase and educational institutions.

CAESAR data and SHARP Dummies information have been used to develop our manikins. The result is manikins with life-like qualities featuring compressible "fat pads" on the breast, buttocks and hips based on a skeleton. This exclusive design makes the manikin perform like a live model and uniquely enables fittings of very tight garments such as jeans and underwear. They are based upon IP that is protected by patents and design registration.

SHARP Manikins make REAL BODY manikins which:

  • Result in better fitting garments
  • Speeds garment product development by reducing number of samples
  • Reduces wastage by improving fit
  • Allows the fine tuning of stock levels
  • Gives users of SHARP Manikins a competitive advantage to garment production worldwide
  • Develops customer loyalty

The manikins represent real women "sweet spots" in the market, enabling the user to fit the maximum number of customers.

Further information on SHARP Manikins can be found on our downloadable brochure.

In October 2006, the County Report featured an article on our manikins titled "Air Force Fosters Worldwide Anthropometry Resources". This article profiled SHARP Dummies Founder and Manager, Daisy Veitch. The article can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: SHARP Dummies in County Report.